Ladi Joy Torty5/5/2008 12:14:00 AM
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My name is Joy Torty popularly called Ladi.  I was born and bred in Kaduna State. I am 25 yrs old. I studied Mass Communication with the University of Jos.  I stand 5:10inches tall, I love Modeling and Acting.  I was Miss UJ (University of Jos 2001),Miss Northern Universities 2002,and participated in Miss Common Wealth,Queen of all Nations. Am presently, Miss Tourism Gombe state.

I have played roles in home movies like On holiday,My heart desire, Who am I, In love with Father Ben, Domino, Winners and Losers and Violence were I played the role of Adisa.

Don’t be fooled by the pictures. Ladi J. Torty is a contrast of sorts. Her visibly, delectable features and beauty are incongruous to her immediately noticeable shyness on meeting her. Talk of shyness, Ladi J. Torty personifies it period! She has no regrets for it either. Her shyness is a disarming element for even the oddest of the male sect – even Neanderthal’s would melt. Added to her shyness is her almost in-audible voice which at times seems like a pretended effort at gaining attention. But truth is, there is no pretence with this Lady. With her, what you see is what you get – or almost.

Ladi is a current (beauty Queen) Miss Tourism Gombe State and former Miss Unijos. Asked how such a shy personality as her can stand on stage, her reply; “I’m a different person on stage” – interpretation, all the shyness disappears when work is featured. No surprise then, that her brilliant performance has held all who have seen clips of Violence spellbound. As Humphrey Bogart – a Hollywood great would quip “Here’s to looking at you girl”!

Filmography: Snake Girl, Sweet Sound, My Only Girl and Angel Of My Life

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