Digital Cameras - Natural Anti-Shake1/25/2011 9:22:00 PM
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Natural image stabilization, ISO is the image stabilization. The research is to be achieved through genuine Panasonic DMW-BCG10PP Battery Charger electronic, that is, raising ISO, high shutter speed image stabilization. Because there is a security camera shutter (that image does not JVC BN-VG121U Battery Charger blur the shutter speed), the general sense of the reciprocal of the safety shutter speed focal length, shutter speed lower than this are likely to capture the image fuzzy. Assuming the same picture the same scene, in the case of the same exposure, if the aperture the same, but the ISO increases, will inevitably lead to the shutter speed, so that the original did not reach the safety shutter shutter speed, to improve the situation in the ISO it is possible to meet or exceed the following safety shutter. Advances in technology, under the premise that many compact digital camera can support a maximum ISO 1000 or more, and even some excellent models in particular can support ISO3200, even until the ISO10000, which can shorten the shutter speed to achieve the purpose of reducing screen jitter, the natural anti-shake image stabilization Nikon D90 Battery Charger is achieved through this. However, due to the current CCD technology restrictions, the majority of consumer digital cameras are still in use even smaller 1/1.8 1/2.5 inch CCD, the CCD at high ISO sensitivity are difficult to avoid the phenomenon of serious noise, severe interfere with the photo image quality. At present, although the vast majority of digital cameras cameras offer high ISO capabilities, but now, in terms of high ISO image stabilization is only good for comparison, a Fuji, advanced Super Panasonic DMW-BCG10 Battery Charger CCD technology ensures picture of high tolerance, to achieve a better stabilization effect of the natural Shop Wholesale and retail to provide quality professional value of the trust-level digital camera battery charger Online sales cheap digital camera batteries and charger company's global delivery of quality value of the letter lazy ~! digital camera battery charger jvc battery charger panasonic battery charger nikon battery charger
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